Design an entertaining and engaging 15 to 20-second motion graphic for the South African brand Mami Wata Surf to use in their “Holidays are Here!” social media campaign to increase brand awareness.


The insight that informed the solution for the motion graphic for Mami Wata Surf’s “Holidays are Here!” social media campaign was the alignment with the brand’s core beliefs and target audience interests. Mami Wata Surf is a South African brand that is passionate about surfing, design, and Africa.


The concept and design strategy revolved around showcasing the brand’s love for the ocean and nature, as well as its faith in the power of African surf.


The outcome of the motion graphic effectively addresses the challenge of increasing brand awareness for Mami Wata Surf’s “Holidays are Here!” social media campaign. It achieves this through several key elements:

Bullet PointNarrative alignment: The motion graphic follows a narrative that represents the core beliefs of the brand. By featuring a young African girl passionate about surfing, it highlights the brand’s love for the sport and its connection to African culture.

Bullet PointVisual representation: The visuals in the motion graphic showcase the brand’s aesthetics and reinforce its connection to nature and the ocean. From the liquid-like text design for the brand name to the use of colours inspired by nature and sunsets, the visuals create a visually appealing and engaging experience.

Bullet PointRelevant and captivating content: The text phrases used in the motion graphic, such as “Hello Sunshine,” “Catch A Wave With Us,” “Don’t Forget Sunscreen & Good Vibes Only,” and “Be Bananas, Not A Burnt One,” are not only catchy but also align with the brand’s beliefs and evoke the essence of summer holidays. This content is designed to resonate with the target audience and capture their attention.

Bullet PointEmotional connection: By incorporating audio elements of waves, ocean sounds, and surfing music, the motion graphic creates an immersive experience that appeals to the viewer’s emotions. It enhances the storytelling and adds to the overall entertainment value, making the content more engaging and memorable.

Bullet PointCall to action and safety message: The motion graphic invites people to surf with Mami Wata in Cape Town during the summer vacation, encouraging them to spend time in nature. Additionally, it promotes the importance of staying safe by reminding viewers to protect their skin with sunscreen. These messages not only align with the brand’s values but also provide a practical and relevant call to action for the audience.

The outcome of the motion graphic successfully addresses the challenge by effectively communicating the brand’s core beliefs, engaging the target audience through captivating visuals and content, and promoting brand awareness in a fun and memorable way.