Create a more accessible, useable version of Mr. Delivery’s mobile application to satisfy the demands of individual users, whilst expanding the customer base to include an older (55+) target audience.


The insight that informed the solution for creating a more accessible and usable version of the Mr D Food mobile application for the target audience of adults 55+ years is the recognition of the specific challenges faced by older individuals and their needs in using the app. The evaluation of the existing application highlighted several areas where the app fell short in meeting the requirements of the older user base, such as small text sizes, unique and potentially confusing terminology, lack of dietary categories and nutrition lists, and limited options for healthier food.

The insight is based on the understanding that the elderly and disabled users desire a convenient and safe way to order food online without having to go out and risk their safety or face mobility challenges. By not addressing their needs, the app becomes inaccessible and frustrating for this user group, leading to a loss of faith in technology and abandonment of the platform.

The recommended next steps outlined in the solution aimed to address these insights and meet the identified user needs. They include improvements in visual design, readability, navigation, and user interface components to make the app more accessible and user-friendly for older individuals. The solution also emphasises the inclusion of healthier food options, clear labelling of information, simplified language, assistance features, and improved delivery options to cater to the specific requirements of the target audience.

Overall, the insight is centred around the understanding that by making the Mr D Food app more accessible and usable for the older user base, the company can expand its customer base, improve customer satisfaction, and provide a valuable service to individuals who may have limited options for accessing food conveniently and safely.


The concept for the solution is to create a more accessible and usable version of the Mr D Food mobile application specifically designed to meet the needs of the target audience, adults aged 55+ years.


The outcome of the redesigned Mr D Food app addresses the challenge of making the platform more accessible and usable for adults aged 55+ years. It achieves this by employing several key elements:

Bullet PointEnhanced Accessibility: By increasing text and icon sizes, using contrast colours, the app becomes more accessible for older users with visual impairments or reduced dexterity. This ensures that they can comfortably interact with the application and access the information they need.

Bullet PointSimplified User Interface: The simplified user interface makes the app more intuitive and easier to navigate. By using familiar and understandable terminology, clear labelling, and consistent navigation patterns, older users can easily understand and use the app without confusion or frustration.

Bullet PointCategorised and Healthier Food Options: The inclusion of categorised and healthier food options allows older users to easily find meals that meet their specific dietary needs and health goals. This addresses the challenge of finding suitable meals by providing a range of options that cater to different dietary preferences and requirements.

Bullet PointMultiple Delivery Destinations: The option to set multiple delivery destinations accommodates family users who may want to order meals for older members in different locations. This feature provides convenience and flexibility, addressing the challenge of ordering meals for multiple recipients.

Bullet PointAssistance and Support: By offering assistance features and easy access to customer support, the app provides the necessary support for older users who may require additional guidance or have specific mobility limitations. The help button or section and the availability of a support phone number ensure that users can seek assistance when needed, addressing the challenge of providing adequate support.

Bullet PointTime Flexibility: Removing time limits for placing orders acknowledges that older individuals may take longer to browse and make decisions. This allows them to explore the app at their own pace without feeling rushed, addressing the challenge of accommodating different time requirements.

Overall, the outcome of the redesigned Mr D Food app addresses the challenge by prioritising accessibility, simplifying the user interface, providing feedback and error handling, offering categorised and healthier food options, enabling multiple delivery destinations, providing assistance and support, and allowing time flexibility. These improvements make the app more inclusive, user-friendly, and tailored to the needs and preferences of adults aged 55+ years.

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