To promote the release of a new track on streaming platforms by creating a promotional video for a song by an artist of my choice. The video should be a 30-second Tik Tok video, and video, kinetic text, and audio must all be included.


The insight that informed the solution for the Promotional Video was the understanding of the target platform, TikTok, and the need to create a concise and attention-grabbing video to promote the new song “I’m with you - by Matthew Mole”. The decision to create a 30-second TikTok video was influenced by the platform’s format, which favours short, engaging content.


The concept and design strategy focused on showcasing the song’s release information and providing a clear call to action for the audience to download it.


The Promotional Video, effectively addresses the challenge of promoting the release of a new track on streaming platforms through a 30-second TikTok video. It achieves this by employing several key elements:

Bullet PointConcise Format: The video adheres to the 30-second time limit, which is ideal for TikTok’s short-form content. This allows the video to capture viewers’ attention quickly and keep them engaged throughout its duration.

Bullet PointClear Call to Action: The kinetic text included in the video informs the audience about the release date of the song and where it can be found on streaming platforms. This provides a clear call to action, encouraging viewers to download or stream the song after its release.

Bullet PointVisual Branding: The minimalistic logo at the beginning, featuring a mole illustration, establishes and reinforces Matthew Mole’s brand identity. The use of soft pastel colours in the logo aligns with Matthew Mole’s visual style and creates a cohesive aesthetic.

Bullet PointAttention-Grabbing Elements: Animations such as scribble lines, dust particles, and music notes add visual interest and enhance the overall appeal of the video. These elements capture the viewers’ attention and contribute to a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience.

By incorporating these elements, the promotional video effectively communicates the key information, creates a sense of anticipation for the song’s release, and encourages viewers to take action. The concise format, clear call to action, visual branding, and attention-grabbing elements all work together to address the challenge of promoting Matthew Mole’s new song in a compelling and engaging manner on the TikTok platform.