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Bullet PointThe New Generation Overall Student Group Of The Year Award

The One Club Creative Bootcamp

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Nedbank's YouthX initiative faces a critical challenge in recruiting 18-24-year-olds during the highly competitive O-Week period. While this demographic is pivotal for the bank's future growth, the difficulty of convincing individuals to switch banks poses a significant obstacle. The O-Week window represents a finite opportunity, constituting 1/3 of the annual recruitment for new account holders. To succeed, the team must craft a compelling campaign rooted in the Unlock Your X proposition, targeting the resilient and ambitious youth who are navigating the exciting transition into a new phase of their lives. The challenge is to develop a digital-first, real-world integrated campaign that not only resonates with the digital-native audience but also drives the acquisition of new accounts for Nedbank during this crucial period.


From pulling jeans off a full table of clothing at the Dunusa MTN rank to browsing vintage, unique and unidentifiable items on an online thrift store, the act of thrifting has evolved. It has now become a culture, a way of life. Gen Z has transformed the meaning of this act. In a time where inflation is at an all time high in South Africa, thrifting to Gen Z, symbolises the affordable, sustainable and ethical way to unlock your drip.


The team curated a pop-up thrift store called, "Thrift X Thrive", where clothes and artefacts inspired by influencers and changemakers are thrifted. A store where you don't just thrift their clothing, you also thrift their financial journey.


Youth X is going to turn O-Week into X-Week by taking over campuses with the Thrift X Thrive pop-up store. We'll also collaborate with existing local thrift businesses like Pic Nic and Thrift to champion the existing local industry. This also promotes an authentic sustainability message that resonates with Gen Z.

How it works:

Bullet PointSign-up online to enter the market for free.

Bullet PointThrift and pick a first free item and financial journey that fits you.

Bullet PointOpen a Nedbank account to WIN R250 000 for your X Journey to thrive after O-Week.

Our approach:

Bullet PointTo generate awarenss the execution involved a video shared on social media, Instagram posts, a billboard, and radio amplification.

Bullet PointThe brand act includes a mobile application as well as merchandise with card numbers that will be thrifted.

Team: "Neon Threads"

Bullet PointMentor: Mbeu Kambuwa 'Snooze' | Executive Creative Director

Bullet PointSimóne Le Roux | Digital Designer

Bullet PointJustin Beswick | Strategist

Bullet PointMona Mabiletsa | Copywriter

Bullet PointKarla Koekemoer | Communication Designer

Bullet PointLineo Mapheelle | Graphic Designer

Bullet PointAaminah Darsot | Communication Designer



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