The challenge is to create a compelling digital narrative for a South African Heritage Brand targeting the younger audience (18-27). With the risk of losing market share in a digitally connected world, the client seeks an innovative mobile marketing idea. This idea must engage the younger demographic through modern marketing strategies, digital technology, and brand storytelling.


Sweet Life, a non-profit organisation in South Africa dedicated to diabetes, was investigated, revealing the absence of a mobile application associated with their brand. This absence could potentially lead to reduced engagement with their valuable resources. A significant number of South Africans living with diabetes encounter challenges in effectively managing their condition. These challenges stem from the absence of tools and support systems that can help them take responsibility for their treatment and lifestyle decisions.


"Sugar Smart: Your Personal Diabetes Companion". The app that provides personalised support, reminders, and motivation, helping users stay on track with their diabetes management and ultimately improve their quality of life.


An app that empowers users to personalise their diabetes management by setting customised goals during sign-up and offers real-time progress tracking through device integration. A supportive character acts as a diabetes buddy, providing reminders and emotional support, fostering accountability, and motivating users on their collaborative journey. This application can be marketed on the brand Sweet Life's social media platforms.


"Sugar Smart" is a holistic diabetes management app that offers a wide range of essential features to empower individuals living with diabetes. The app provides timely reminders for medication, exercise, meal planning, and hydration, ensuring users adhere to their treatment plans and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Users can track their progress, including glucose readings, and receive personalised monthly insights for improved diabetes management. Motivational content and mood logging keep users inspired and emotionally aware. In addition to offering a wealth of information, resources, and podcasts related to diabetes, the app connects users with diabetes experts, provides diabetes-friendly recipes, and fosters a supportive community. This comprehensive approach aims to enhance the overall well-being of individuals with diabetes, making "Sugar Smart" an invaluable companion on their journey to better health.


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